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Angie Terrell

The Interaction Design of a Horizontal Scroll with Snap

Angie Terrell | Jul 22, 2018

When designing for content, there are times when you’ll need to design the layout of content to scroll vertically and horizontally in your mobile app. It’s common to see this in content-rich applications that have both images and text. In particular, there may be featured content which spans the almost the full width of the screen, but when the user swipes through it, you want the content to snap into place.

It’s important to prototype these interactions so that you can get a feel for them, but also to communicate to your team how you would like them to work. Additionally, and probably one of the greatest uses for prototypes is to test out your solutions with users before they are built in code.

In this screencasts, we'll show you how to prototype this in Principle. If you haven't used it before, Principle is a robust prototyping tool centered around interaction design. You can sign up for a 14 day free trial using the link below.

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