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Josh Justice

Rails APIs (Part 5) - Associations and Nested Routes

Josh Justice | Sep 24, 2018

How do I use Associations and Nested Routes in Rails?

So far in this series we've created a Rails web service to securely manage a list of todos. But most real systems are more complex than this: records have other associated records.

To see how Rails handles record relationships, let’s implement a notes feature. Each of our todos will be able to have multiple notes associated with it.

In this screencast...

In this screencast, we’ll follow up on our previous video and show you how to implement a notes feature and teach you more about Associations and Nest Routes..

After this screencast, you'll be able to…

- Implement a notes feature
- Use Associations and Nested Routes
- Understand how Rails handles relationships in complex systems


Basic knowledge or experience building frontend applications is recommended.

Additional Resources:

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