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Josh Justice

Rails APIs (Part 2) - Deploying

Josh Justice | Sep 03, 2018

How can I easily deploy my Rails web service to production?

Whether you are building a prototype or a business critical product, Heroku makes it easy to deploy and scale web applications. If you’ve never run a production web application before this might sound intimidating, but don’t worry—we’re going to use Heroku, a platform that makes deploying apps incredibly easy. But first we have a little preparation to do.

In this screencast...

In this screencast, we’ll follow up on our previous video and show you how to deploy your Rails web service to production.

After this screencast, you'll be able to…

- Enable CORS
- Enable a production ready database (Postgres)
- Deploy a web service to production using Heroku


Basic knowledge or experience building front-end applications is recommended.

Rails APIs (Part 1) - Getting Past the CRUD

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