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Josh Justice

Rails APIs (Part 1) - Getting Past the CRUD

Josh Justice | Aug 27, 2018

How can I easily create a backend API for my frontend app?

Whether you create frontends in JavaScript, Swift, Java, or Kotlin, there’s a server-side framework for creating web service APIs in the same programming language you already use. It would seem like it’d be easiest for you to write your web service in the same language you use for your frontend.

But “seems” can be deceiving! The fastest and easiest way to create a web service API is Ruby on Rails—even if you don’t know Ruby.

In this screencast...

In this screencast, we'll show you how to create a web service for tracking todos and we'll continue to build on this application throughout the rest of the series.

After this screencast, you'll be able to...

- Create a web service with an endpoint for CRUD using Ruby on Rails


Basic knowledge or experience building front-end applications is recommended.

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