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Brian Gardner

Android BiometricPrompt

Brian Gardner | Aug 20, 2018

Since Android Marshmallow, we've had the FingerprintManager class which allows us to access the fingerprint hardware and allow the user to authenticate if they have a valid fingerprint enrolled on the device. As of Android P, the FingerprintManager is deprecated in favor of the BiometricPrompt API.

The reason for this is there are other types of biometric unlock options coming to Android, such as face unlock and iris unlock. The BiometricPrompt seeks to generalize the fingerprint unlock so that it can be applied to these other options in the future. The good news is, if you have used the FingerprintManager before, the BiometricPrompt implementation will be a breeze since the APIs are so similar.

In a previous screencast, I covered how to implement fingerprint unlock using the FingerprintManager. Today, we’ll quickly review that implementation and then dive into setting up your application to use BiometricPrompt.

Questions we’ll answer:

- How do I implement BiomtericPrompt?

- What are similarities and differences between FingerprintManager and BiometricPrompt?

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